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Shadow Mountain Construction offers more than great custom built homes! We are experienced in Commercial Office Construction, Steel Building fabrication and of course those 2nd homes for your ‘2nd home’ — towering spec-built RV Garages.

About Us

I have been in constructon my entire life. I am licensed as a general contractor in Hawaii, California and Nevada. I started my construction company in California in 1977. I acquired my Hawaiian contractors license in 1981. I came to Pahrump, Nevada in 1995…

My 1st and 2nd model homes were built on Winery Road, next to each other. I then moved over to Alfalfa Street for my third model home and then back to Winery road for my 4th model home.

Over the years I have found drawing and printing my plans here in the model is a great advantage to myself and the new homeowner. It helps to cut down on any confusion between myself and the new homeowner as well as cuts down on the time to get the plans out to the workers. I have framed my own homes in the past and have done almost every phase of work on my houses over the years. This gives me information and knowledge to better communicate with my workers and subcontractors about the way the owners want their custom home built.

The introduction of computers to drafting has been an enormous help to drawing and printing plans. It is much quicker and less labor intense to make changes to plans and to show owners how the new changes will look. It is my goal to give the owner the home that they have always wanted with the least amount of confusion and at the best possible price.

I now have construction and permanent financing available in my office to make the complete package of land and home purchase as easy as possible.

North Canyon Estates

North Canyon Estates is a planed gated community ready for home buyers to begin designing their dream!

With only 28 half acre lots available. This small gated community is nestled in the northern section of Pahrump.

Areas of interest:

  • Post office
  • Simkins Park
  • Manse Elementary
  • Horizon Market Gas Station
  • Rosemary Clarke Middle School
  • Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Station 5

Why Choose Us


We back our builds with 1 year 100% warranty!


You are part of the team! Every step we take you are with us!


40+ years of experience to build your dream professionally.

Chief Architect ™

Shadow Mountain Construction has many different tools available to complete a job, but none so important as our CAD software. We use Chief Architect to design the most important parts of your house. From the footings to the roof peak, Chief Architect allows for fast development and helps to track the cost of a project.

An interesting feature of Chief Architect are virtual tours. Using elevation data (wall, ceiling, counter dimensions and height, etc.) we are able to render a computer-based 3D model of your new home. With some additional work we can add props such as furniture and lighting and create a virtual movie-like walk-through. You can actually see what your planned home looks like before it’s built!

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